Just Say No

This isn't a PSA against drugs. In fact, I'm not sure how some people survive without drugs. I mean, that one chick at the networking event last night had so much energy, I would have bet her side hussle was cookin Meth in her bathtub. It feels like with the way we live now, its by the second. Technology makes everyone and everything so accessible that there's no longer an escape. 

Remeber when you could just dodge the PTA mom at school pick up and you'd be safe. Now this looney tune has your cell and email address, and she never stops blowing you up! Or how about when work was 9-5.

9 TO 5!

We get emails well into the night and then you feel guilty if you don't respond but everyone preaches work-life balance in the company culture. Like what in the actual F$@& are we doing here. You're paid to work, not for every second of your life. Older generations are saying that "ya can't get a millennial to work over 8 hours a day", (I'm not a millennial, just FYI) when in actuality, I think they just don't want to waste time or spend time on meaningless tasks. If I can come in and get my work done then GIRL, BYE!  

And remember when people would know if it was an "ok" time to call the house or stop by, so as not to be too late and respect someone's time? That's basically gone out the window with text and email. 1:08 am? Perfect, I'll just send out reminders to people all night.  

Why are we making so many ways for people to get ahold of us. I got snapped by someone yesterday that also had DM'ed me on Instagram and then Facebook messaged me to tell me that they emailed me what I needed???????? Why is this a thing? Im not against social media, think it's great, but can we just use one item at a time? 

I want to get back to doing less. While I love my friends, I actually want to DO less, have LESS friends. There is so much emphasis on doing MORE and being First. In Life. With Moms. Boards. Volunteering. Church. Sports. Diet. (Who am I kidding) Working out, this list is easily going to make me look like a psycho path, but if anxiety is something women all share, then let's go ahead and start a movement about Do -ing less. Forget Feminism (which has taken a dive anyway), let's have a parade and by parade I mean we all go to a pool and wear one-pieces and have unlimited frozen drinks served by John Snow. Winter can come in drink form.


PS. In light of my recent frustrations, I also may or may not have ripped my mailbox out of the ground as part of a social experiment. Why is the mailman allowed to put trash in my mailbox but I can go to jail for littering? Those items are just creating more work for me to have to throw away and then empty the trash! Why does the mailman get to create work for me to do?! I'll let you know how operation JunkMail goes. 


C & G