Hashtags for all Seasons

If you read the previous post about Instagram then you know that there is an art to the creation of the ever famous "Hashtag". And since its wedding season, it seems only appropriate to dive into this topic.

Now, we're not talking about the general ones placed simply for searching, like a picture of vacation and then the hashtag "#vacay". We know that the typical ones are there for reasons.


The subject we need to review are the bigger ones. Ones to be used for larger times in ones life. For instance, a new baby, a marriage, a bachelorette trip. We'll stick with these to start. 

For some, the art of speaking or being able to have a way with words is like calculus. For us, it's basically just like breathing. So here are some tips for creating the perfect hashtags.

1. Use Association

- think about what the event is and use that or other meanings of what the event is create the hashtag. Think about the reason, location, things in common...

2. Alliteration is the key

- this makes it sound so much better and comes out cayute when written or printed

3. Chop it down

- a hashtag is not a sentence, try and keep it to 4 syllable limit please (unless it's amazing)

4. Be Humble  (more a general rule)

- don't just start using a hashtag to give yourself a title or be completely off putting by calling yourself something you are not. I've seen people create their own hashtags and try to give themselves labels.

News Flash - you aren't known for something bc you call yourself out, that's called narcissism. For instance #frankiethephilanthropist, if you are one people know.


Here are some of the ones Crown & Ginger has created in the past 3 years..... 






#DustinGetsSmoore (last name was Moore) 

One couples last name was Stone, got married in Vegas and wanted more than one:

- #FearandStoninginLasVegas

- #PairofStones


Babymoon (yes it was requested) 


For a rustic babymoon





If we hear "the last fling before the ring" one more GD (sorry Nanna) time, we might barf.  






So think of something great from the start when planning, because ultimately you are branding your own event and can put that $h*t on everything. Hopefully you can share this with someone you know that needs their creative juices to flow.


What are some of the best ones you've heard?



C. & G.