Social Media 102: Insta-Tastic

Instagram "The Modern Scrapbook"

 New Logo -Same Great Instagram  

New Logo -Same Great Instagram  


Remember how at one point you would compare the amount of Facebook photo Albums you had to others, just to make sure you weren't the one being labeled as crazy?

Queue Instagram

Instagram is basically a giant Scrapbook. You can "follow" different people, businesses, bands, places ect. Once followed these pictures appear in your newsfeed, which again is just scrolling pictures. You can like and comment on people's pictures. There are also different apps now that will allow you to purchase your Instagram pictures for a scrapbook, tear off prints or canvases. This is one of the biggest benefits being that we are almost all digital now.



The newest feature requires you to go to the top right hand corner of an account you are following, you will see 3 dots, click on the dots and choose, "turn on post notifications". That way each time your favorite account posts something you won't miss it. If you follow a lot of people, this is extremely helpful.

Possibly the most under utilized tool is the ever famous Hashtag. The hashtag is basically a descriptive comment of said picture, at times being a rather funny caption. We used to know the hashtag as the Pound symbol. It's hashtag now. The reason this tool is so great is it acts as another search engine. Rather than using Pinterest, just go to Instagram and search a hashtag and a million pics come up....gender reveal, puppy, Halloween costume. (Just go ahead and check those out)


Another awesome capability, you can shop on Instagram by using your PayPal account. A hashtag I search quite often is # buymylilly. This being in reference to Lilly Pulitzer and then all of the items available will pop up and you just comment with your email to be sent an invoice. YOUR WELCOME!



Some things to avoid:


Stop posting pics of you your crappy food. No one wants to see your sandwich.


If I go to your account and the content

is 80% selfies, you're out. No.


Unless you have created your own empire, we don't want to see your attempt to promote your wealth. Especially those of you born into money of which you have not yet earned. You are still poor. Your parents are rich and I'll follow their accounts.


Avoid hashtags involving vegetables. (If you get this, then just fill in the ones that don't, I can't ever get those moments back in my life)



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