Social Media 101: Facebook



Recently I wanted to find time to give a basic high level "how-to" in regards to the more popular versions of social media that are currently out. While most think it's just a generational gap (remember these people still hold most of the capital us young people need in order to create start ups, so don't be ageist), the lack of knowledge actually stems more from the infrequency of use. For instance, a civil engineer is most likely not going to use Instagram or Twitter in regards to promoting a new bridge project they are working on. Thus, they may just use social media for personal use and will typically stay within the safe realm of Facebook. Industries, Seasonedness (see what I did there) and Frequency, are the key factors for keeping up with the ever changing social media platforms.

For this reason, we have decided to create a pocket version reference guide for you, Starting with the boss.


Facebook:       "The Yellow Pages"

Originally created for college students (only those with an email address ending in .edu were able to create accounts) this has become the largest platform in history. Basically a detailed directory of your social network. Most people use this for their personal page and staying connecting with friends. While businesses promote their own pages, Facebook will soon have their own "business" version coming out in the future.


Helpful Tips:

Unfollow People -  You can "unfollow" people from your newsfeed, this is a definite pro when Judy is posting her 15th selfie of the day  or when Lydia is flooding your feed with how her pity party is going. Just hit the down arrow next to that persons name in your news feed and a drop down will appear with this option. This won't notify them or delete them as a friend, all it does is just hide their postings from your newsfeed. This can be reversed as well.


Shout Outs - When you want to give a shoutout use the "@" symbol before typing. The name of the business or person should auto-populate and you can choose the correct person to add.



-Easy access to old college friends

-Keeping up via pictures with family that lives far away

- Being able to stay up to date on any topic/business/location that you want

-Being able to see that those that previously threw stones, still don't have a house to live in.



- Some chose to use their page as a platform to start arguments and go off on hateful  war paths. Uhm. Just. Stop. Have an adult discussion or don't post at all. Remember  what Tina Fey says "Good for you, not for me"

- Unless you have strict privacy settings, people you are friends with can see what you comment on. So if you are referring about someone and that person is remotely intelligent, they can see you being shady. So don't.

 - Some people riding the short bus will ruin your status by commenting on your use of scarcasm with literal terms for all to see and now your witty status is now an argument with your Uncle on why I didn't give Felicia a drink if she was so thirsty.....Its just like when the secretary that hated you in middle school announced that your diarrhea medicine was ready over the intercom. Thanks Ms. Taylor, it's called Pepto.


Stay tuned for our next installment of Social Media 101.



C. & G.