Festivus for the Restofus: GMF

Indio, California has Coachella. Black Rock, Nevada has Burning Man. Tampa, Florida has the Gasparilla Music Festival.  

Founded in 2011, GMF has become the stand alone music event for Tampa. Never  before have we had something of this magnitude and we were frankly falling behind on the music scene. Much like the cities before us, Tampa now has our own outdoor music festival that can compete and in some cases now trumps  other festivals by comparison. Not only does the foundation give back to our community by providing scholarships and funds to education, but they showcase our local restaurants/businesses to an audience that may not yet be familiar to their services.

When asked how he would describe the event to first timers, Paul Dolcimascolo said "GMF is a cultural experience like no other found in the Tampa Bay Area. It combines national acts, local cuisine and a community vibe that continues to excite and surpass every attendees wildest dreams." Dolcimascolo sits on the board of directors for GMF and is looking forward to another 48 hour  jam fest this weekend.


Artists we look forward too:


Eryka Badu


No intro needed, you know Badu. And we know you jammed to "Love of my life" back in the day.


Stephen Ragga Marley


His name basically gives it away, (yes, he is Bob's son) but what you wouldn't know is that he has 6 Grammys under his belt. Also his nick name "Raggamuffin", which is what our Nanna called us when we tried to dress ourselves.


The Whisky Gentry


A  C & G personal favorite. Being that their overall feel is basically everything we stand for, this southern husband and wife duo has since grown into a septet. Sounds like : if the Soggy Bottom Boys had a strong female vocalist. LOVE THEM




This band just made us feel cool. Like, if you didn't think you were "with it", listening to these guys gives you street cred with the music scene. They're  vintage folk rock and the characters in their songs  are everything. Sounds like: if Mumford and Sons got stoned and sang you the greatest fairy tale ever.


March 12th - 13th Gasparilla Music Festival  (GMF)

Curtis Hixon Park

Cost: $20-$150, online at www.gasparillamusic.com


And don't forget to dress like you're at a music festival. There's only one rule, anyone caught Noodling will be thrown out of Tampa.... You heard me. 



C. & G.