Hop on the Jose Gaspar

While the bullet dust clouds fade and the exotic plumes are seen on the ground, queue the post Gasparilla depression to set in. Just when I started to reach for the family size bag of Lays and  count the days until next year's invasion, I got a call from a dear friend.

Someone I have known forever.  

A Pirate. A Photographer. My brother from another mother. Dennis Akers. 

In case you are not familiar with his work, (that cover photo is his) check out his website here D A Photospot

If he was a fashion designer, his work would be more couture, rather than a line that is sold to the masses. He is able to capture more artistic depth at his age than many others in his field are able to in a lifetime. 

But enough claps, the bigger news is that we had been pushing, no, pleading with him to get us some good behind the scenes footage to share. He does film work too, yea, I know. I wish.....  Well, I finally got him

to cave and he is allowing us to share his footage. I couldn't be happier and his video has successfully kept my withdraw at bay for now.

For you Viewing Pleasure, the Invasion from the eyes of a pirate:



Tip of the Hat to you, Mr. Akers.

......And see you and your camera soon


PS. Feel free to share this to help others not from Tampa get a birds eye view of our Invasion.  


C. & G.