Blush & Bashful....Bug's First Birthday

When I thought of a theme for her first birthday, there was only one thing that stuck in my mind........... Steel Magnolias. Seein as how its my favorite movie and this party was actually for me anyway, it only seemed right.

I mean, lets not kid ourselves, birthdays for babies are really just a subtle disguise for a kegger. No one is really an "adult" yet, and it is really weird when all your friends show up with their babies too (as if for one moment in time I forgot that yes, my friends have kids, which I clearly know, but seem to forget). The party makes you realize how not only do none of us know what we are doing with these tiny roommates but more importantly that we have not exactly changed into the "adults" everyone thinks you turn into once you have a baby. It was kind of awesome.

Sticking with the theme, I was able to incorporate a few details throughout:

The sun was not our friend

These Pins were a big hit and cant wait to reuse them during Gasparilla





Not pictured are the 6 pounds of Boiled Peanuts GoGo made, Nom Nom

 Mini Pecan Pies, why not

Mini Pecan Pies, why not

Kids corner

Red Velvet Flavored Cotton Candy Party Favors for her lil friends

While we didn't get the perfect "One" pic, but she still had a great time

She already knows how to share, even when you don't want her too.

She has clearly done this before and looks like a baby Canibal

After the party we opened presents and I have to say that one present from a sweet friend actually made me cry (which I had gone the entire day without doing), so double thanks to her....

Already has the perfect spot in her nursery, Our new fav addition!

And while most of the items came from Etsy, I have to give a Shoutout to none other than Chef Mario over at Cakes Plus. He is always awesome to work with and the only one I go to for anything. He has continued to exceed my expectations every time I use him and literally killed it with this Armadillo cake. I almost feel bad saying that we ended up eating that entire sweet looking critter. Check them out for any needs


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