When Not to be a Bad Batch

A nice topic I want (need) to hit on today comes from multiple work experiences that were shared and sent to me from others. So I compiled them together and found a commen trend. While I don't want to get on a female verses male comparison, the truth is that women have to be more careful with how they communicate in the workplace. Seeing as how women tend to be more emotional they can tend to care more and get more fired up then men.... they loose their cool.

I'm not saying don't be passionate about things, by all means you must be. I'm saying that you need to remember the tone you use when you are explaining or responding to a question or engaging in a meeting. There is a type ( type because I can't use people's names or I would never hear the end of it and don't have room for drama due to extenuating circumstances ....full post on that to come this weekend) of woman in the workplace that feels she needs to be defensive with her answers. She feels the need to point blame on others and rather then get to a solution, she "rather" pretend she didn't read your email. You know what I say to you Ma'Am! You can Cram it! 

You're being paid to do your job, you know what that consists of, well? Do ya?. Not just doing your duties laid out in a 1987 job description, but going above and beyond to make your work place a better place. Be the person that suggests ideas and then offers to help others implement such ideas. Be the woman to take the time to teach someone a new task or way of doing something at work so that you don't continue to just "take on" every single great idea that YOU came up with.   

But especially, and above all, don't be a Bad BATCH. Yea, I said it, Batch (sorry mom). The Batch looses her cool before she even gets in the oven, her nasty dough sticks to everyone in the office making them feel bad to have to talk to her. She yells, yes YELLS at you in a meeting. I don't care what rank you pull at work, no one deserves to be spoken down-to or freakishly yelled at like someone with Tourette's (sorry for those with Tourette's, you can't help it and I still would very much be your friend).   

 That's a terrifying ass cookie

That's a terrifying ass cookie

How professional is an outburst like that? Will you be promoted with that tone of voice? Do you ever take responsibility for something that didn't quite work out? Do you make others better? Do others jump at the chance to work with you? 

One study conducted in 2015 found over 80% of employers WORLDWIDE named culture fit as their top highering priority. Meaning.... You can have all the scholar and experience you want but if you can't work together with others and see the bigger picture of your employer, then guess what... it's cheaper for them to just higher someone that can fit and train them on skill. 


Food for Thought. 


C. & G.