Remember back in undergrad when you could drink until the sun came up, take a 2 hour nap and then grab your hoodie and head off to class... and repeat the next night?

Back in the day when you didn't get nauseous just from hearing the word "Day Drinking"?. 

Oh man, remember DAY DRINKING?

Truth is I was never a good Day Drinker. Once when I was a sophomore in undergrad my roomie and I thought it was a genius idea to make giant Solo cup sized Jell-O shots in honor of Memorial Day (being as how on national holidays you don't have classes). I remember being halfway through the hideous liquor mold and passing out with a tummy ache on my shag pink carpet... we may have put more alcohol than the recipe called for. Regardless I wasn't hung over and made it just in time to play our ladies weekly drinking game to Laguna Beach whenever someone yelled "Steeeephennn". 

I would wake up the next morning, get right and go to class  like nothing even happened. Those are the days.

Flash forward to present day, acting as the MOH to my sister and taking her friends to Key West for her BachWeekend Extravaganza. While I used this time to exploit my creative skills, you will be happy to know that I did not experience an "old person" hang over, which is really just a regular hang over on steroids in which you feel like you've had a tumor removed from your brain and wonder where the F your legs are, as those no longer work.

But I thought I would share the highlights of our trip, which include the ever jealous gift bags....

These awesome Lilly Pulitzer Coolers were filled with Beach Towels, Hair Ties, "personal" gifts, bedazzeled Eos Eggs and my favorite our Monogramed Party Bombs from Dawlens

Another great detail were the shirts we had made, Mike over at TeamWorks on Dale Mabry has created my vision perfectly, not once but like 4 times now and I only go to him...

Nailed It. #ConesLastClamBake, #keywest, #bootyveil, #clamjam, #Bachweekend #Bachelorette

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And never go on a trip without a Hashtag, ours was

#Cone'sLastClambake   (Pun Intended)



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