The Dame Debut Vol. 1 I. 2

I have had the pleasure of knowing our next Dame since high school. Introducing Ms. Laina Caltagirone. She is not only an Attorney but also a Life/Business Coach. Think half Elle Woods mixed with the entrepreneurial skills of power house Bethenny Frankel.  Having lived in the legal field myself, I know the type of readiness it takes to survive in that stressful realm of facts and "knowing your shit" (meaning: in law you can know all the facts of law you want but unless you know how to apply it, you'll die). 

One reason, she is this month's Dame is because of her ability to customize services for a newer generation. I am extremely proud of Laina for stepping outside of the box and tailoring her services to meet the need of the modern generation. She is one of the only professionals that has met the demand for internet based writers and businesses, which kudos Ma'am because you are about to kill it. She created a downloadable legal package just for Bloggers that includes contract templates you need for your site as well as a mini e-course on the law as it pertains to you. She breaks it down so that even your mom would understand it (in between ruining your Facebook statuses and trying to end an argument with Suri) and leaves you feeling more confident in the legal foundation of your venture.


The Dame Debut    Volume 1  Issue 2  

Laina Caltagirone

I need to get it together like this picture. I'm going to ask her on a date. - C & G


Name:                                     Laina Caltagirone

Hometown:                           Tampa, FL

Age:                                            30

Name of Business:             Laina Caltagirone LLC (life and business coaching)   


       James V. Caltagirone, PA (legal) 

Website:                      and


Favorite Cocktail:                 always changing, but for now it’s an Old Fashioned 

Nickname:                                “Lain” or “Bop” (don’t ask) 

Current Nail color:               “Funny Bunny” by OPI


C & G:    What Is Your Educational & Industry Background?

I am an attorney, entrepreneur, and certified life coach - it is quite an eclectic mix. As far as my path to becoming an attorney, I received a marketing and business degree from Tulane University in New Orleans and my law degree from University of Miami. I moved back to Tampa in 2012 to join my father’s law practice and I’ve been working with him ever since. 

My training in the personal development arena has come from years of self study, training under thought-leader, Gabby Bernstein, certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (or NLP), and being coached myself by some of the best in the industry. 

Although I studied business in college, I feel like my education in entrepreneurship came from just doing it. And studying a massive amount, which includes hundreds of videos, webinars, podcasts, courses, lectures, etc. Clearly, I’m a big school nerd with an addiction to learning.


C & G:    Why Did You Want To Start Your Own Business?

If I could sum it up in one word, I’d say: Freedom. I always knew that I wanted to create something on my own, but for a long time I couldn’t figure out which direction to go in, because I simply had too many interests. After I became an attorney, I felt a strong desire to do and be more. I knew the core things I wanted in my business - passion, purpose, profit, and creativity. And it was a necessity that my business was in line with my values and utilized the talents and gifts unique to me, for example the ability to connect with others. At the end of the day, I wanted to experience freedom to be able to do what I want, when I want and enjoy my time doing the things I loved. 


C & G:    What Services Do You Provide?

Services I provide can be divided into two main areas: coaching and legal. On the coaching side, I mentor people in life and business through one-on-one coaching, online courses, workshops and retreats. For those new to coaching, I like to compare it to when athletes hire coaches to inspire, motivate, and accelerate their growth. I’m passionate about helping people open up to new perspectives and greater possibilities and remove blocks standing in their way of living out their potential. While a therapist spends time delving into the past, I discover new ways of thinking and acting that can be implemented now in order to create forward positive motion. 

 On the legal side, our law firm specializes in personal injury (think auto accidents and slip-and-fall cases) and business law for entrepreneurs. I also have a line of downloadable products, which are essentially legal packages containing templates, contracts, and a mini legal course designed for the modern small business owner and tailored to their individual field. As of now, legal packages for bloggers and life coaches are available, with many, many more in the works.


C & G:     What Is Most Important About What You Offer?

I’d say the service I offer that has the most impact is coaching, hands down. People forget that you can consciously create and shape your life, rather than let life just happen to you. And I see a lot of people who spend a lot of their life living short of their potential because of fears and limiting beliefs. I work with a lot of professionals who forget to maintain balance in all the areas of their life and are dealing with personal and professional “blocks” that really keep them stuck and inhibit growth.

We owe it to ourselves and everyone around us to become the happiest, best version of ourselves and I believe working with a coach is the best way to do that. 


C & G:      What Advice do you have for Others?

My advice to anyone starting their own business is to just go for it. Start taking action now. If I’ve learned anything from coaching, it’s that the majority of what holds people back are fears and perceived limits that only exist in their mind.  I guarantee if you started to list out all the resources you currently have now that could help you in creating a business, you’d be surprised. There’s ways around all the things you feel like are standing in your way. Honestly, I’m so damn passionate about this subject, I could talk about it forever. And I love working one-on-one with people on this stuff. So to anyone who’d like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to me directly - I would love nothing more than to help you!


Cheers to you, Ms. Caltagirone, I, for one, will most definitely be using your services in the future and look forward to your continued success.


C & G