Stop and Smell the Trollops

This post comes from the following submission question:

"What is your favorite word?"


Probably  my favorite word, of coarse, came from Nanna, is the word Trollop.

At first glance this word always reminds me of the word "tulip", however, its far from.



noun: dated, humorous.

A woman  perceived as sexually disreputable or promiscuous.



So no, it's not a tulip and don't go smell it.

I enjoy this word and it reminds me of someone I knew a while back. Another woman in the business world that had me fooled for quite some time. She was very strategic with how she positioned (pun intended) herself at work and the people with whom she developed friendships with. Needless to say we were not the best of friends. I was not in any way rude to this person, she just was not my cup of tea. In fact, she had and may still have others fooled with her innocent, loud, goat like screech of a  giggle...bless her heart, as well as with her meetings... she was always going to meetings. (she was literally just doodling like a kindergartener in these meetings).

Well she had positioned herself well with other women that were above her pay grade. One thing I actually did enjoy was the fact that she embraced other women leaders in the workforce and stood for empowering other women to be stronger. She was very involved in the whole "lean-in" movement, but when you lean to hard you fall over. Fat Joe could tell you that. To me. She fell. She was doing different projects and trying  extremely too hard with others to always be doing as much as possible and basically not staying in her lane. So the perception she put out was that she was hard working and had her hand in everything imaginable.

Come to find out......, SHE IS A GIANT TROLLOP!!! It was discovered that she had a number of "relations" at work . Even worse was that they were with individuals that I had previously admired for their dedication and personal convictions. I had never been more furious. On the front, she put forth efforts to uplift females and speak of leadership opportunities, when she herself was sending us back to the days of the cave man. She should have just said, "Go ahead, club me and take me back to your cave, I'm just doodling over here." Not to mention this Hooker Troll has a husband.

Sorry for the rant, but I wanted others to not only have an example of what a trollop actually is but also know how to use my favorite word in a sentence...

i.e. She is a giant Trollop.

Have you ever met the elusive Trollop?



C & G