The Dame Debut

As a new feature, C & G is going to start featuring young women in business. The Dame Debut is going to consist of women that have taken their gut feelings to a whole 'nother level of prestige. Whether concurring an internal corporate structure or starting and trumping in their own field, The Dame Debut will recognize their success and highlight their sparkle to our community.

And in keeping with our previous posts  of wedding questions, our first Dame is none other than the Guru herself, Ms. Tracie Domino. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tracie for the last 4 years now, both professionally and socially. She has built her event planning business to a global level, of which others have only dreamed. When I explain Tracie to others, the first thing I mention is her really. She makes Dale Earnhardt Jr. look like he's driving a hover-round. She has an eye for detail and has made a name for herself in the industry.

The Dame Debut      First Edition

Name:      Tracie Domino

Hometown:  Tampa, FL

Age: 34

Name of Business:       Tracie Domino Events


Favorite Cocktail:       Vodka water with a slice of orange


Nickname:                 Depends who you’re talking to, but mostly Tra (by pretty much all my family and Brian), TDoms (mostly by Brian’s friends), TD (randomly by almost all business men)


Current Nail color:      Clear 


C & G :    What is your educational & Industry Background?

I graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Sports Management. Go Noles!  I also have a graduate degree in Public Relations Studies from the University of South Florida. I started working in the wedding and event industry in 2004 and have loved every minute of it ever since.

C & G :    Why did you want to start your own business?

I once heard the quote “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs” and that really stayed with me.  I wanted the power to push the limits of creativity, work with clients that inspired me and maybe someday spend the summer working remotely from the Amalfi Coast.

C & G :    What services do you provide?

I make fun, memorable weddings happen by providing full service wedding planning to clients from all over the country getting married all over the country, but mostly on the west coast of Florida.  We tell our clients, that if it is legal, we will do it for them.

C & G :    What sets you apart from others in the industry?

Luckily, I work in an industry where I get to work with some of the most creative and interesting people I know.    I am  known for challenging the industry’s limits and traditions to make weddings more entertaining and engaging.  

C & G :    Explain your experience with "wearing white" ?

Wearing white to weddings comes with a lot of traditional etiquette rules, especially in the South.  In general, unless you are the bride, you should not wear white to a wedding.  Period. End of sentence.  There is really no exception to this, not even if you are the mother of the bride or the groom and think it will make the family photos look better. Even if your daughter gives in and says fine “wear whatever you want,” you will look like you are trying to upstage her and your own guests might talk about you behind your back. I can hear the whispers now.

Recently, trends have changed and not all brides are wearing white to their own weddings anymore as blush and champagne wedding gowns have become a fixture in the best bridal salons.  So my personal rule of thumb is – only wear white if the bride specifically asks you to.  If you are in her bridal party and she wants you in white, wear it without comment.  If she is planning a beach reception and wants all guests in white – wear it.  In all other circumstances, pick another color – ideally one that isn’t black.


Thank you Ms. TD, we cannot wait to see what you bring us next.


C & G