Baby Steps

I have to say that since having my first child, it has really opened my eyes to a TON of really cute babies out there. And for the unfortunate, yes there are some that are slightly, uhm..Bless their heart.

Anywho, here are two babies I love to follow on social media



1. Bowden Saint-Claire Ponder



You know her as "SCOUT".  Her dad is NFL Quarterback Christian Ponder and her mommy is ESPN Corespondent Samantha "Sam" Ponder.  The two decided to name their little nugget after Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, whom had recruited Christian to be a Nole and had a huge part throughout his career. Being a college football fan, this is awesome to me and the fact they call her by her nickname "Scout" is even better.

She has basically taken over social media land as the queen of the baby feed.

Check her out @scoutponder, you're welcome.


2. Vivienne Rose Decker


She is known as Vi. Her mommy is country singer Jessie James and her daddy is NFL wide receiver for the Jets, Eric Decker. Again, this kid got some really hot genes. I am hoping that she actually gets some camera time on the next season of their reality show. I love her name and her instagram game rivals that of Scout.


If they were adult friends, Vivianne would be Shelby from Steele Magnolias and Scout would be Idgie from Fried Green Tomatoes.  Which are probably the two people I would want in my southern lady gang, should I ever have the need. I will be trying to get my daughter to become better friends with these two in the near future.


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