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If you are like me, then you have a morning routine. The Over Achievers head to the gym in their Lulu Lemon. The Draggers pull themselves to the bathroom to put water on their face and spend an hour in the shower. The Super Mom of multiples dresses everyone and packs lunches. I'm what I refer to as a "Double Placement" or a DP for short. A DP is the woman that is driven in her career but also wears a cape for her small child. This routine is more like a tornado, only it has the same path every morning. After flying out of bed because snooze has already been pushed twice, you race to make the bottle so as to avoid the first morning cry. This is actually more imperative than you think as this determines the whole morning mood. Once fed the DP throws on the outfit and blazer, slings the laptop over her shoulder, slides the pumps on her fingers (to be put on once in the car) and replenishes her stash of Quest bars in her designer work bag (currently the Robinson from Tory Burch but looking to make the switch soon, more to come). But one thing each of these women have in common is no matter how different their mornings, each of them at some point grabs the dark roast.

*****PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT****: If you drink Green Tea in the morning, kindly stop reading this blog and go work at whole foods as the corporate world is not your friend.

My love of coffee has gone from an addiction to simply wanting to avoid the withdraw symptoms. No one likes having the shakes at a board meeting. Regardless, it never fails, at least one time a week, either a baby foot or an elbow of a Rhino knocks a huge blop right on my outfit. I never found a solution for this until now. I recently learned about this new product brought to us by another amazing Kickstarter program. The Co-founder, Melanie Moore, was an investment banker right out of school and found that corporate life wasn't for her. Thank God!, because this kind of innovation is just what we need and it is going to take off on just the demand alone. At only $30.00 a shirt, I am looking forward to ordering one in each style, check it out....

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Elizabeth and Clark.com

oh yeah, and they originate from TAMPA. 


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