Simple. Easy. C. & G. Holiday Gift Guide

We all know the real reason for the season; family, religion, giving back and for me- sweet little Michellin roll baby Jesus. Why of coarse, there are higher level things to focus on during this month and much more you can get out of it, but lets not kid ourselves and say that we don't get completely lost when we have no freakin clue what to buy that weirdo relative who's extra crunchie or the hipster brother in law that insists on judging you for continuing to drive your car to work when you have a "perfectly well oiled machine", uh, jokes on him that Huffy hasn't been oiled. Ever.

So here is my giving back to you. A fail proof list for the people you need to actually get SOMETHING for without breaking the bank.


1. The Hostess Gift

Candles from the Tipsy Candle Company      


                                       Poured in Tampa and from recycled wine bottles.

Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries & Moonshine


These make awesome additions to any drinks

This stuff sneaks up on you quicker than your Nanna


2. The Man, The Myth, The Legend


YETI Rambler 20 oz, not the big one, they don't like it



Chubbies shorts

For the Tom Selleck in him. No really, these are great.

Shown in The FaLaLaLas   $54.50

 they also have regular themes and bathing suits


A bottle of Pappy Van Winkle    At your local liquor store

Great source from


3. The Dame, The Mom, The Chica     (not for side chicks, they get coal)


Hazel & Dot 

Custom Zip Code Pillow (I already have my order in for a 33609)  $38.00



Hunter Tall Rain Boots   They have every color     $150.00 (but they last forever)


Champs is for Champs

 Champagne Jelly from Igourmet(so good with cheese/crackers, and duh, more champs)     $9.99


Kendra Scott Tassel Necklace      $80.00



Lastly, to wrap all of these Beauties, don't do them wrong, but instead do yourself a favor and get you some of this......  WOOD wrapping paper!!!

                                                        $15.00 from Ooh La Llew