Dame Debut V.1 I.3


As a southern girl, their are two things we will never give up: Our Alma Mater (War Eagle) and our OBGYN. I'm not kidding. If you asked any woman, right now, I guarantee they would rather have their right arm removed than have to switch doctors. I can honestly say that this next Dame has changed my life. Not only did my father refer to her as "Doogie Howser" right before delivering my first born, but due to my baby being a giant godzilla, she made my c-section experience flawless, comforting and safe. And I will forever be in her debt.

I mention the first part, because Dr. Hinson basically looks like an Angel. I'm not kidding, just wait till you see her pics. Most of this probably comes about from all of the selfless work she does throughout the Tampa Bay area. She is extremely active in Urban Young life. 

The moment I knew we would have a life long connection was when she delivered my first born and had her doing the "Tomahawk Chop" right out of the womb. I mean, it will be the only time this Auburn baby does that, but it was priceless.

Not many doctors have the bedside manner it takes to be in such a stress filled industry and for her compassion and commitment to excellence, I would like to introduce this month's Dame Debut....


The Dame Debut     Volume 1, Issue 3

Dr. Lindsay Hinson

 Told ya....

Told ya....

Name:                      Lindsay Hinson

Hometown:              Tallahassee, FL

Occupation:             Ob/Gyn, Partners in Ob/Gyn, Tampa, Florida

Favorite cocktail:   This changes with the season, but I'll always turn down a cocktail for a good glass of Pinot Noir

Nickname:              I don't have any that I know of, but my husband's last name is Knipple (yes, like nipple with a silent "k"), so you can let your imagination run wild with that one!

Current nail color:     Big hair…Big nails by OPI


C. & G. What was your Educational and Industry background?

  I went to Wingate University in Wingate, North Carolina on a volleyball scholarship for my undergraduate degree.  For medical school, I moved back to my hometown of Tallahassee and went to Florida State University (Go Noles!).  From there, I completed a four year residency in Ob/Gyn at University of Florida.  When I started to look for jobs, I was looking for a group practice with a solid balance of work and family.  I wanted to work with great physicians, but more importantly, I wanted to work with great people.  When the opportunity to join Partners in Ob/Gyn arose, we jumped at the opportunity and packed up our little family and moved to Tampa.  We are in our fourth year here, and we couldn't be happier!

C. & G. When and why did you choose your career?

I have known from a very young age that I wanted to be in medicine.  My father was an avid outdoorsman, and he was constantly taking me along on his adventures.  It sounds cheesy, but my dad taught me to appreciate life in all of its complexity and beauty.  And that easily translated into medicine for me.  Once I saw my first delivery, I was hooked.  I feel like I have the best job in the world.  I don't like to do the same thing every day, so being an Ob/Gyn allows me that flexibility…one day I'm in the office, one day I'm in surgery, the next I'm on labor and delivery.  It's constantly changing and challenging.  

C. & G. What Is your favorite part or most memorable story from your career?

  I have so many memorable stories that it's impossible to pinpoint one.  I have delivered the babies of some of my closest friends.  I have held the hands of heartbroken mothers going through really tough times.  While those moments are incredibly sad, there is beauty in those broken moments.  I have cried happy tears, sad tears, and sweet tears with my patients.  But I will say that one particular moment that stands out to me was after a beautiful delivery, when the dad turned to me, tears in his eyes, and said, "This is the single-most important and amazing day in my life, and you get to do this every day.  You're so lucky."  And he was right.  We all look back on the birth of our children as such life-changing moments…and I get to participate in that day all the time!  How amazing!

C. & G. Is there anything you would tell someone wanting to get into your career path? 

Well, medicine is a fast-changing world, and some of the changes are not necessarily in the physicians' favor.  The bottom line is that you have to love what you do.  You can't go into it for the money or the status.  If you love what you do, it helps to put all of the other challenges into perspective.  You have to love it enough to sacrifice a lot of time and a lot of money as a young person in order to reap benefits later in life.  You have to have a life partner who is willing to selflessly let you go when someone else's emergency requires your time.  You have to go to ALOT of school.  But in the end, I wouldn't want to do anything else.    
C. & G. In your opinion, what or how do you deal with Work/Life Balance?

Well, I should start out by saying that I'm pretty sure no one has this whole balance thing down. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a full time professional, balance is hard.  In the interest of full disclosure, I once walked into my first patient appointment with a dried Cheerio stuck in my hair.  But, as I get older, I'm learning to be easier on myself in this arena. I try to give my best and be present wherever I am.  My patients, friends, kids, and husband deserve my full, present self when I'm with them.  I try to only say yes to things when I can commit and give them the appropriate time and energy.  Sometimes, that means saying no to things that I truly want to do. Sometimes it means shuffling around some patients so that I can go watch my kid sing Christmas songs in a paper Santa hat and cotton ball beard.  And sometimes, it means getting it all wrong, picking myself up, forgiving myself, and restructuring things so that they work better next time.  I want to be good at what I do, no matter what it is.  I can be a great mom, professional, wife, and friend, but I can't be perfect, and there's freedom in letting that go.  When people ask me how I do it all, I quickly respond with, "I don't!"  And I think that we are doing each other a real disservice by pretending that we do!  So lets just admit that we're all doing our best and none of us is getting it totally right, mmm-kay?  And then we can have a glass of wine, relax, and be authentic friends with one another!


 You know just two babies at once, no biggie

You know just two babies at once, no biggie

 Here she is holding my 9 pound bass

Here she is holding my 9 pound bass

We need more people like Dr. Hinson in our world.


C. & G.